vrijdag 5 mei 2017

Day of departure

Today I am leaving for the Highlands to hike the Cape Wrath Trail. It going to be challenging. For me it does, because I do not know what to expect exactly. It is pushing the limits for me in the sence it is a trail on the map/ in the books, but not really on the ground. Na paths often or sometimes, no signs, just roaming empty mountains. And the weather, of course. But all is in order: maps, GPS, compass and SPOT device for emergencies. Food with me to last a day or five. So not enough at all and thus I have to rely on what the trail provides. All equipment adjusted to wet, cold and windy circumstances. This for more than two weeks hiking. But it is pushing a limit for me. Not the disctance, but especially the new aspects of it. Yesterday it made feel a bit like 'what was I thinking?' Anyway, I am off and the whole experience will at least keep me busy with other things than the daily stuff at work. Reload and happy to hike again since last year my planned trip was cancelled. And it is exactly five years ago I was in Scotland. Together with Judith doing a road trip through the Scottish Highlands.