zaterdag 29 april 2017

Only toilet paper and construction tape

Only toilet paper and construction tape are the things to buy. Then I am ready for hiking the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. Hope the gods will grant Scotland some reasonable weather I can enjoy as well. The weather forecasts this week are reasonable for the coming week. Average 12 degrees and not much rain. That will be the week before I arrive.

I fly to Ingverness. Direct flight. The next day a bus to my starting point of the trek, Invergarry. Thus cutting the CWT with 2 days. Was necessarry too since time slot was a bit too tight. So guess I will be walking around at least 17 days. That is 17 days wet feet. For this I bring the construction tape. Sealing off blisters.

The thing I look must forward to, is pitching my tent in the totally deserted landscape for the night. Being completely alone with no habitation for miles and miles in the darkest of nights. Must be fantastic. And of course the incredible landscape where I am allowed to roam freely. Without a doubt, the first 4 or 5 days will be hell mentally and psysically, but I am confident I will pull myself through!